Large Pores

Large pores are a definite sign of aging.  They seem to sneak up on us. One day you look in the mirror and wonder: when did that happen?

Large pores can be corrected, but prevention is best.

Regular face cleansing is key.  If we can keep the pores free from debris, we are far less likely to have them become enlarged. To support your at-home cleansing regime, we love the Silkpeel Dermalinfusion.

The Silkpeel is an excellent treatment for teen skin, and continues to offer immense benefit as we age to our most  mature skin.

Teens really benefit from this treatment. During puberty, the production of sebum and oils are through the roof and the development of personal care skills are only beginning.  This is often the time when pores become seriously damaged in a way that becomes even more evident later in the aging process.

Consistent cleansing and exfoliation become more important as we age: the skin gradually loses its ability to turn over skin cells. Your tan lasts longer because the turnover is not as efficient. Supporting your skin with the Silkpeel keeps the pores clear and the skin free from congestion.

Treatment Options

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