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We can help you to be your best at any age. You can prolong and improve the youthful vitality of your skin.

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Skin Imperfections

You need to be proactive when it comes to preserving the health and quality of your skin.

We give personalized treatments targeted to you.

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Unwanted Hair

Shaving or waxing making a mess of your skin?

Unwanted hair making you miserable?

Our Triton laser will change your skin forever!

The Triton truly treats ALL skin types.

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Stress, Pain & Fatigue

Need a health and wellness reset?

Learn more about the power of Acupuncture.

A natural way to work with your body to feel your best

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Weight Loss

One-On-One Weightloss Coaching.
Follow a weight loss program that taps into your body’s natural process to release fat. Ideal Protein sets you on your way to achieving a healthy and sustainable weight.

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Choosing a clinic that’s right for you can be daunting. You have so many questions! Book your free general consult with us. Understand what solutions are available and how they will work for you.

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Half Price for Life Guarantee

Our Commitment to you: Results Are Everything to Us

We know everyone is different. Sometimes it can take a few more than six treatments to get the best results from your hair removal treatments. We make it easy to get your skin to where it can be. After you complete your sixth laser hair removal treatment at Light Touch on any treatment area, it will be HALF PRICE FOR LIFE.

This includes taking care of hair growth changes from hormones, pregnancy and the aging process. Once you treat at Light Touch, we are committed to making it easy to keep looking your best!

HALF PRICE FOR LIFE has been our policy for over 19 years of business.

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