IPL Photo Rejuvenation

Full Face$350Package of 3 – $875
Neck$175Package of 3 – $437.50
Chest/Decollette$250Package of 3 – $625
Full Face, Neck & Chest$600Package of 3 – $1500
Full Face & Neck$450Package of 3 – $1125
Hands$150Package of 3 – $375
Full Arms$450Package of 3 – $1125
Upper Back & Shoulders$700Package of 3 – $175
Spot Treatment (based on Technician Assessment)$99Package of 3 - $247.50

Laser Hair Removal

* Prices are per treatment & you should plan for 6.


Upper LipSingle Treatment $893-Pack $222.50
ChinSingle Treatment $993-Pack $247.50
Chin Plus (Includes portion of neck)Single Treatment $1193-Pack $297.50
Lip & ChinSingle Treatment $1693-Pack $422.50
Lip & Chin Plus (Includes portion of neck)Single Treatment $1893-Pack $472.50
Side BurnsSingle Treatment $893-Pack $222.50
CheeksSingle Treatment $593-Pack $147.50
Front OR Back of NeckSingle Treatment $1193-Pack $297.50
Face & NeckSingle Treatment $2493-Pack $622.50


UnderarmsSingle Treatment $1193-Pack $297.50
½ Price Underarms (includes Hands if desired)$59
Full Arms (includes Hands if desired)Single Treatment $2393-Pack $597.50
Upper ArmsSingle Treatment $1493-Pack $372.50
Forearms (includes Hands if desired)Single Treatment $1793-Pack $447.50
HandsSingle Treatment $903-Pack $225

Bikini/Speedo Area

Basic Bikini/Speedo
(Inside the elastic & 2” onto Thigh)
Single Treatment $1793-Pack $447.50
French Cut
(Includes linea to top of pelvis, sides, inner thigh, trailing hairs onto the thigh & where the elastic rests)
Single Treatment $2393-Pack $597.50
(Clears everything from linea to inner thigh. Some choose to leave a patch at the top & includes rectal area if desired)
**If you are considering the full legs as well, the Brazilian treatment can be added to a full leg treatment for a huge savings of only $59.**
Single Treatment $2993-Pack $747.50
(Includes both buttocks from the waist to the crease at the thigh & through the rectal area)
Single Treatment $2393-Pack $597.50
(Line of hair growth that trails from the bellybutton to top of the pelvis)
Single Treatment $593-Pack $147.50


Full Legs
(Includes feet up to Basic Bikini/Speedo)
Single Treatment $4793-Pack $1197.50
Full Leg with Brazilian
(Clears from bellybutton to toes & through the rectal area)
Single Treatment $5393-Pack $1347
Lower Leg
(Includes knees to toes)
Single Treatment $2993-Pack $747.50
(Includes above the knees to Basic Bikini/Speedo)
Single Treatment $2993-Pack $747.50
Feet & Toes
(Includes Toes & Tops of Feet to the Ankles)
Single Treatment $893-Pack $222.50

Torso (Chest & Back)

Neck & Shoulders
(Back of Neck, across the top of the shoulders, 1/4 down back, ball of the shoulders to the upper part of the arms)
Single Treatment $2103-Pack $522.50
(Top of shoulders across the base of the throat, to the bottom of the chest muscle)
Single Treatment $1993-Pack $497.50
(Includes from the bottom of the sternum to below waistband)
Single Treatment $1993-Pack $497.50
Chest & Abdomen
(Collar bone to below waistband)
Single Treatment $2993-Pack $747.50
Partial Back
(Dealing with patches? Treats growth on ribs, lower back or shoulders)
Single Treatment $1993-Pack $497.50
Full Back
(Basic back area from the base of the neck to below waistband)
Single Treatment $2993-Pack $747.50
Back, Shoulders, Neck
(Comprehensive for a natural look. From hairline to below waistband, trailing hair on upper arms, and shoulders to create an attractive chest line)
Single Treatment $3993-Pack $997.50
(Hair growth around both nipple areas)
Single Treatment $993-Pack $247.50

Spot Treatment (based on Technician Assessment)

Large SpotSingle Treatment $593-Pack $147.50
Small SpotSingle Treatment $293-Pack $72.5

Silkpeel Dermalinfushion

Package of 3$372.50

Skin Tightening

Face & NeckSingle $333Save with Package of 3 – $830
Face OnlySingle $250Save with Package of 3 – $625
Neck OnlySingle $158Save with Package of 3 – $395
Lip AreaSingle $99Save with Package of 3 - $247.50
Décolletagé (Cleavage)Single $200Save with Package of 3 – $500
Upper Arms (Both)Single $300Save with Package of 3 – $750
StomachSingle $300Save with Package of 3 – $750
ButtocksSingle $400Save with Package of 3 – $1,000
Thighs (Front or Back)Single $400Save with Package of 3 – $1,000
Thighs (Front & Back)Single $600Save with Package of 3 – $1,500
KneesSingle $250Save with Package of 3 – $625

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic Acupuncture Introductory Special!
Want to find out about how Cosmetic Acupuncture can help with your beauty and wellness goals?
For a limited time, we are offering a session for $75. These are 1/2 price introductory sessions to introduce this new service.
(Regularly Priced at 150.00)

90 minSpecial Pricing- $75
Cosmetic Acupuncture Consultation & Mini Treatment
One-on-one consultation to assess the client's health history, skin condition, and cosmetic goals, leading to the development of a personalized treatment plan for cosmetic acupuncture. (Includes Mini Treatment for Facial Acupuncture and Facial Cupping)
1h 30 min$150
Facial Rejuvenation Treatment- Cosmetic Acupuncture
Reveal your radiance naturally. This personalized treatment combines the power of acupuncture with facial rejuvenation techniques to diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and acne. Achieve a firmer, smoother complexion and rediscover your youthful glow. (Must complete a comprehensive intake before booking)
1h 30min$150
Acupuncture Treatment
Natural relief for pain, stress, and more. Experience the power of this ancient healing practice for pain relief, anxiety reduction, stress management, and various neuromuscular conditions.
Cupping Therapy & Acupressure Massage
A combination of Cupping therapy and Acupressure massage to relieve pain and stress.