We can treat almost everywhere. Triton Premium Laser Hair Removal. More Comfortable, More Effective, Fewer Treatments

Triton Laser

Imagine getting two laser hair removal treatments at once. AND instead of hurting more, it hurts way less. This is what the Triton does.


Laser Basics


There are three main wavelengths that work the best for hair removal purposes.

Usually, a clinic chooses one wavelength to work with. We have always used the  Diode Laser. It has a wavelength of 810. It is a mid-range treatment that is most effective for most people. 


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However, when we treat with a diode, we can only treat for the darkest hair in an area during the treatment when we treat with a diode. It means that often we can be playing catch up as the hair reduction progresses to the point we can give enough energy to the fine brown hairs resulting in more treatments and more touch-ups.


Not any more. 


The Triton is the first FDA-cleared Laser to deliver two wavelengths at once.  Simultaneously penetrating to a depth of the diode and also to a second depth with a second wavelength.  And even better, because the energy delivery is so much more precise and efficient, this very effective treatment hurts WAY less. 


ALL of my clients report a drop of about four pain points when they compare the discomfort between our previous laser and the Triton on a scale from 1-10. 


All I can say is fewer treatments, more comfort, and better clearing was the reason we invested in the Triton Laser for our clients. These are the exact same reasons that we think that you should invest in the Triton too.


Try the Triton. You will never go back to a single wavelength laser again.


TECHNOLOGY: Dual wavelength laser

BENEFITS: Greater results with fewer overall sessions; softer, smoother skin

IDEAL FOR: All skin types and hair textures

PROCEDURE TIME: 15 to 45 minutes, depending on size of treatment area

ANESTHETIC: Topical cream optional

RECOVERY: No sun exposure before or after for 2 weeks

RESULTS: Can vary from person to person, consult practitioner

COST: Depends on size of treatment area $50-$500 per session

Half Price for Life Guarantee

Our Commitment to you: Results Are Everything to Us

We know everyone is different. Sometimes it can take a few more than six treatments to get the best results from your hair removal treatments.  We make it easy to get your skin to where it can be. After you complete your sixth laser hair removal treatment at Light Touch on any treatment area, it will be HALF PRICE FOR LIFE.


This includes taking care of hair growth changes from hormones, pregnancy and the aging process. Once you treat at Light Touch, we are committed to making it easy to keep looking your best!


HALF PRICE FOR LIFE has been our policy for over 19 years of business.

Upper Lip
Single Treatment $89 / 3-Pack $222.50
Single Treatment $99 / 3-Pack $247.50           


Chin Plus (Includes portion of neck)  

Single Treatment $119 / 3-Pack $297.50


Lip & Chin

Single Treatment $169 / 3-Pack $422.50            


Lip & Chin Plus (Includes portion of neck)  

Single Treatment $189 / 3-Pack $472.50           


Side Burns

Single Treatment $89 / 3-Pack $222.50              



Single Treatment $59 / 3-Pack $147.50              


Front OR Back of Neck                                   

Single Treatment $119 / 3-Pack $297.50  


Face & Neck 

Single Treatment $249 / 3-Pack $622.50             

Bikini/Speedo Area
Torso (Chest & Back)   
Spot Treatment (Based on Technician Assessment)

••Prices are per treatment & you should plan for 6.